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How does Cocologi choose its coconuts shell and charcoal supplier?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

As statistic says, Indonesia is the one of world largest coconuts producers. Beaten India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. Located in the equator line with its long coastal line tropical islands, Indonesia is such a perfect landscape to produce a very high quality of coconuts products and its derivative, such as charcoal and charcoal briquette.

Indonesia Coconuts Trees

Mainly, there are 2 main regions that are prioritized as coconut product regions, there are Riau in Sumatra Island, and Sulawesi in Sulawesi Island. For Riau, it is made as center of coconuts product regions by Indonesia government, not only the quality that has been maintained well, the ease of export also been supported by the locals. For Sulawesi, as local research has been published, Sulawesi has the largest mass of coconuts shell among other region with percentage of 17.78% of the total mass.

Cocologi, as natural charcoal and charcoal briquettes exporter, thinks that Sulawesi coconuts shell is the best material for our beloved partners and customers, mainly across Middle East Asia and East Asia. We work together with manufacturer that gets its coconuts shell supplies from Sulawesi. Among 6 of our suppliers, more than half are getting its material from Sulawesi. The rest is from Riau.

Well, why does Cocologi focus on coconuts charcoal?

It is as simple as we want to utilize the abundant coconuts waste in Indonesia. We believe that coconuts are such a valuable agriculture asset, which all of its parts are very useful. In addition, among all biomass material, coconuts shell has second largest of calorific value, below industrial sawdust.

Coconut Shell

With the highest quality of environment for coconuts tree, the support from the government, and the abundant source of other materials, Indonesia produces a very well shell thickness, high mass, low moisture contents of coconuts shell with relatively low prices compare to other countries.

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Thus, Cocologi believes that the quality of our charcoals and briquettes are very suitable for barbeque, shisha, or even for industrial usage like activated carbon or meshed charcoal. By working together closely with our superb suppliers and manufacturers, and keeping the quality of the making process like the dry up, mix process, and packaging, we ensure that we deliver the best charcoal and briquettes to our business partners and to your customers hand.


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