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The Ideal Shape of Barbeque Briquettes: An In-Depth Look

Barbeque enthusiasts know that not all briquettes are created equal. The shape and size of the briquettes you use can significantly impact your grilling experience. From the burn time to the heat distribution, understanding these variations is key to perfecting the art of grilling. In this article, we explore the common shapes of briquettes, their characteristics, and why Indonesian briquette charcoal stands out in the global market!

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What is the best shape for briquettes?

The "best" shape for briquettes can be subjective and often depends on the grilling technique and personal preference. However, pillow-shaped briquettes are widely regarded as the most versatile and user-friendly. They stack neatly, which allows for better airflow control and an even burning process. For those looking for an even and sustained heat source, pillow briquettes are typically the go-to shape.

Indonesia coconut pillow shape briquette charcoal
Piilow shape briquette charcoal

What size and different shape are briquettes charcoal?

Briquettes come in various sizes and shapes, each serving different grilling needs:

  • Pillow-shaped: The standard size for these is about 5 to 7 cm in length and width, with a thickness of about 2.5 cm. This is the most common and is favored for its even burn and ease of use.

  • Hexagonal: These briquettes are similar in size to pillow-shaped ones but with six sides. Preferred for their increased surface area and efficient stacking capability.

  • Cylindrical: Often with a hole through the center, these can vary in length but are generally about the diameter of a coin. These are known for their quick ignition and consistent burn, often used in professional settings.

Indonesia Cylindrical Wood Briquette Charcoal
Cylindrical Briquette Charcoal

What are the characteristics of briquettes?

Briquettes are valued for their consistent burn time, uniform temperature control, and ease of use. They are made by compressing charcoal dust and binders, which results in a product that maintains its structure and form throughout the cooking process. The characteristics of briquettes include:

  • Density: Higher density means a longer burn time.

  • Moisture Content: Low moisture ensures a quick and easy lighting process.

  • Ash Production: High-quality briquettes produce less ash, making for easier cleanup.

Indonesia pillow shape briquette charcoal with low ash content
Pillow shape briquette charcoal

Indonesian Briquette Charcoal: A Cut Above the Rest

In the competitive world of charcoal production, Indonesian briquette charcoal distinguishes itself with its exceptional quality. Here’s why Cocologi, your most reliable charcoal supplier, is at the forefront:

  • Sustainable Practices: Indonesia is renowned for its commitment to sustainable charcoal production, ensuring that the natural resources are responsibly managed.

  • Premium Quality Material: Indonesian briquettes are made from the finest coconut shells and other natural materials, which burn cleaner and longer than many other briquettes.

  • Expert Craftsmanship: With generations of experience, Indonesian producers have perfected the art of briquette making.

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When it comes to grilling, the choice of briquettes is as important as the choice of food you're grilling. By choosing the right shape and size — and by opting for high-quality Indonesian charcoal briquettes like those from Cocologi — you can ensure a superior grilling experience that's both enjoyable and eco-friendly!


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