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Indonesia has the best charcoal quality and industry

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The charcoal industry is spreading across continents, with several countries having a significant presence of quantity in the production and export of many types of charcoal. For example, some of the major charcoal producing countries:


One of the largest producers of charcoal in the South America continents. Brazil is known for its high-quality hardwood charcoal, which is primarily used for grilling and barbecuing.


China is a leading producer of charcoal, with a large portion of its production being used for industrial purposes, such as metallurgy and chemical production.


Russia is a significant producer of hardwood charcoal, which is primarily used for heating and cooking.


As one of the largest producers of coconut shell charcoal, Indonesia is a major player in the global charcoal industry.

 Indonesia charcoal factory supplier
Indonesia charcoal factory production line

As these are some of the countries that play a significant role in the global charcoal industry, so where is Indonesia position among these big countries?

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Indonesia is very well-known for its high-quality charcoal due to several factors, including the abundance of raw materials, favorable weather conditions for production, and a long history of experience in charcoal industry. Indonesia has abundant forests and fertile land across these archipelagos, that provide an ample supply of charcoal raw materials such as hardwoods, coconut shells, mango, and teak woods, which are ideal for charcoal production.

Indonesia forest as source of charcoal raw material
Indonesia forest as source of charcoal raw material

Located in equator line, Indonesia's tropical climate, with its high humidity and consistent rainfall, also helps to ensure that the charcoal produced has high quality. Even among Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia has the best quality of any charcoal types. Together with Thailand, Indonesia are known for producing high-quality charcoal for both domestic and international use.

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Eventually, Vietnam is also emerging as a major producer of charcoal for export due to its large forested areas and increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products. However, due to Indonesian charcoal industry has a long history, with traditional methods of production being passed down from generation to generation, contributing to Indonesia charcoal industry continues to success.

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Indonesia charcoal factory
Indonesia charcoal factory

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