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Visit to Batang & Mojokerto Sawdust Charcoal Factory

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

To fullfil our current customers needs and quantities, we are looking factories that can continously supply sawdust charcoal briquettes in a long term and exclusive with very good quality. Thus, lately we were visiting Batang & Mojokerto factory to meet the owners, factory head, and how well their production team and process.

Mojokerto Factory.

In this factory, we were really facinating on their details and well-knowledge of material composition on each grades. We discussed with Production head and Factory managers, Pak Tony and Pak Orel, to get the grade as we wanted and how will we continue our project. We plan to have about 2x40ft containers every months with range of A~D grades, and expect to increase it on March to 3 containers/month.

Below are some highlights photos of Mojokerto Factory

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Batang Factory

Batang factory is one of the largest sawdust charcoal manufacturer in Indonesia. Before the pandemic, it could reach up to hundreds of containers in a month. We are able to get chance to talk directly to the owner, Pak Ismet. A very wise and humble person. We sealed to close the deal to get 4 containers a month within the next 6 months, with focusing on A~D grades, and opportunities to increase the capacity in the future.

If you need lump charcoal, coconut charcoal briquette, or sawdust charcoal briquette let us know!

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